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Monuments & Headstones & Maywood, NJ

We are your leading resource for quality monuments, plaques and other types of memorials in the local area. Regardless of whether your intention is to honor a loved one who has passed away, to pay tribute to a special hero in your community, to celebrate a momentous event or to serve other purposes, you understandably need the memorial or plaque to be impressive from a design standpoint and to be customized perfectly.

To ensure quality results, our experienced team personalizes all projects in-house, and we only use materials that are sourced or produced in the United States.

Types of Monuments We Offer

You may have plans to create a small memorial for a family member or a huge monument for public purposes. Regardless of your plans, feel confident that we have the skills and capabilities to produce a finished product that you will love. To begin, make plans to stop by our local NJ shop soon. Our materials are on display for viewing, and this gives you the chance to admire their quality and overall beauty.

As you explore the options available in our shop, you can receive personalized assistance from our team. We are focused on helping you to select the right material to use for your project. Remember that your material selection is only one of several ways to customize your plaque or monument.

  • Single Stone Monuments
  • Double Stone Monuments
  • Family Stone
  • Slant Style Monuments
  • Upright Monuments
  • Flat-Style
  • Grave Markers
  • Obelisk
  • Bench Style
  • All Faiths Welcome & So Are Custom Designs

Custom Memorials in Maywood, NJ

The purpose of some memorials is to celebrate one specific individual or pet. Others may also be used to honor a group of individuals or to draw attention to a special event. Our products has been used in a personal manner, such as when a loved one passes away, and they have also been used by government agencies, corporations and more.

Regardless of whether you intend for your piece to mostly be viewed by close friends and family members or you intend for it to be viewed publicly, you will love the attention to detail and the quality of workmanship that we put in each project.

Types of Plaques Made Out of Bronze

While a monument may be ideal for some uses, a plaque is another beautiful option to consider. Plaques made out of durable bronze can be crafted in many different styles and sizes, and they can be engraved to provide you with an expressive way to convey a special message.

While images or words that you select to be engraved on the plaque are essential for meaning, the overall style of the plaque is also important. To ensure your satisfaction, we provide numerous ways to personalize your plaque.

Fully-Customizable Bronze Plaques by Size, Shape and Color

Some of our customers have a detailed vision of what their custom plaque will look like, and others may find inspiration by learning more about the many options available.

Our bronze plaques are available in an extensive range of shapes and sizes. The color can also be customized to meet your unique needs. We also use excellent techniques to engrave your message with precision and quality in mind.

Special Types of Plaques We Offer

Because each memorial or plaque should be unique and tailored to the person or event that is being honored, the look of the plaque needs to be carefully designed. Through our design team, you can explore many different styles to further create a custom look that appeals to you.

Some of our many design options include upright, bevel, slant, flush and ledge. These designs as well as other customization options are on display and available for you to compare when you visit our shop.

Our Past Work

Areas Or Neighborhoods We Cover In Maywood , NJ

  • Maywood, NJ
  • Bergen County, NJ

Monument, Memorial and Plaque Refinishing and Restoration Services in Maywood, NJ

We are also your preferred source for quality restoration work for monuments, plaques and other types of memorials in New Jersey. Age, weatherization and other factors can unfortunately cause even the most durable materials to show wear. Through our preservation and restoration techniques, we can preserve the quality of the material while improving its condition.

In fact, you can expect us to restore the monument or plaque to its original condition in many cases.

Mausoleum Design & Building Services in Maywood, NJ

A specialized type of memorial that typically is used to honor loved ones who have passed away is a mausoleum.

This is a special monument that should be perfectly personalized to showcase the life of the deceased in a respectful way. We will provide you with attentive service as we create and build a mausoleum that will impress you with its style and quality.

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